Custom Sublimated Uniforms Below Cost!

Custom Sublimated Uniforms Below Cost!

Would you like to deal with a reputable local American for your uniform and gear needs? Hi, I’m Coach Max Ivany. I’ve been a fixture over the last 25 years on the National AAU scene with the D1 Ambassadors program, as a contract scout with NBA teams, and in assisting in running the NBA Draft Combine, and scouting overseas. In the process I’ve also invested in two factories. One is for sports uniforms and gear while the other is for custom clothing; Suits, dresses, slacks and shoes all handmade by top quality craftsmen, catering especially to the big and tall guys who can’t buy off the rack. But the clothing is a topic for another day.

Today is specifically about basketball for this upcoming club season. We will be playing basketball in the great State of Arizona beginning July 3-5th in Phoenix (Gilbert, AZ). I have a special offer for those wanting to attend our events this summer. Our deep discounted price for a set of 10 home and away custom sublimated uniforms for a team is $1400. However, if you act now and register for 3 or more of our 5 tournaments then we will provide you a set of uniforms at below our cost for only $1000. Don’t hesitate contact me today.

Coach Max Ivany


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