Custom Uniforms & Gear


Buying quality uniforms and gear at an affordable price for basketball or any other sport is not an easy task.  Many people buy from overseas manufacturers via the internet and it turns out to be disastrous.  Yes, you have saved a few dollars but when it arrives (often delayed) the sizing may be incorrect or the merchandise is substandard.

Let me resolve this problem for you with our solution.  I am an American and I own my factories overseas.  You can contact me at any time.  I am always available to my customers.  You can speak with a native English speaker so there are no breakdowns in communication, and if there is a legitimate problem with your purchase it will be addressed immediately.

Give me a call to discuss your needs.  We do quality custom uniforms for any sport as well as custom gear such as back packs, warm ups, hoodies, etcetera to meet your needs.

Please do not forget that there are even DEEPER DISCOUNTS for our Arizona D1 League participants.

Coach Ivany