Coaches, Parents and Players

This is Coach Ivany, Founder of  Are you hungry to get back on the court and to compete?, It gives me great pleasure to announce our D1 Nation Tournament Series. We have put a lot of thought and energy into making this an incredible experience for you, our customers. I feel positive that our country is well on the way to recovery and am excited to offer you this opportunity to play ball in the Valley of the Sun!

I am excited to announce our partnership with Inspire Courts in Phoenix, Arizona for a series of summer basketball events for your players and family’s enjoyment in 2020. It is highly unlikely that public school facilities will be available in any state this summer, meaning that there will not be near as many tournaments to meet the demands of the many teams who are itching to play.   The D1 Nation has secured Inspire Courts in Gilbert, Arizona.  Inspire Courts to offer 5 top of the line events in the Summer of 2020. Inspire has 7 air conditioned courts all under one roof.  5 are full sized and 2 are a middle school regulation making them perfect for 5th and 6th grade play. 



I would like to make your 2020 summer basketball experience COMPLETE so we will be using certified officials to ensure these will be top quality events.  Additionally, I have a very special offer for teams registering for our events.  I will also be offering 2 SETS of custom sublimated uniforms at below my cost, at $100 per player ($1000 per team, for a maximum of 10 sets). Unlike many emails you’re likely getting from complete strangers overseas, you can buy with confidence from us.  I OWN my own factory overseas but I am here personally in the USA.  There will be no confusion about orders or excuses for missed delivery dates etc. You can call me at my local Texas/Arizona number for direct answers to your questions and updates on your orders. By the way, this $1000 per team is inclusive of FedEx, delivered to your door with no hidden or additional charges.




Registration is $700 per team, per event. As we presently don’t know if spectators can attend we will likely have all games streamed for your viewing pleasure.  If in fact we can have spectators there will be NO ADDITIONAL GATE FEE for friends and family members.  For those of you who have attended Vegas tournaments in the past, you know that these events are in the $700 range for registration and an ADDITIONAL gate cost of anywhere from $10-15 per person for day passes or $35 tournament passes.  It really adds up. Like Las Vegas, Phoenix is HOT but you will not have to fight traffic going from facility to facility. Our hotels will be a great value as well. We will also post special hotel pricing at several price points for our teams who come from out of town as well as for locals who like to have a “Stay Cation” here in the Valley of the Sun. 

In all, it will be a great experience complete with all star teams announced and recognized for every age group and posted on  For those who aren’t aware we have over 5,000,000 views so the players mentioned will have something to really be proud of to share with their friends and family.  We will have quality awards for the top 2 teams in each division to make this a memorable summer.



D1 Nation Independence Day Celebration                   JULY 3-5            (3 day event)

D1 King of the Southwest I                                              JULY 23-24        (2 day event)

D1 King of the Southwest II                                             JULY 25-26        (2 day event)

D1 Nation Back To School                                               AUGUST 21-23  (3 day event)

D1 Nation Labor Day                                                        SEPTEMBER 5-7 (3 day event)

All events are 3 GAME GUARANTEES.  The King of the Southwest events are a great way to play two separate tournaments back to back allowing a team to get 6-8 games in a four day period.  This ensures plenty of opportunity for playing time and a special value for those coming out of town.  Register to play one or both of these back to back events.

BONUS:  For the teams pre-registering for at least three of our events at the same time registration we will give you a $100 discount per tournament. For further inquiries you can call me, Coach Max Ivany at 512-773-1026.

REFUND POLICY: There will be NO CASH REFUNDS for any reason.  If issues occur in these strange times we will roll your registration over to the next event of your choosing in the summer, fall or beyond (pending availability).  This could also include our camps, recruiting service, uniforms, gear etc to ensure you receive value for your money. We have been in business for 25 years with no issues or complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  I want my customers to become friends and to enjoy your experience with us.  We are a family run business with a corporate professionalism.


Divisions will be as follows:

GIRLS                                         BOYS

5th Grade                                   5th Grade

6th Grade                                   6th Grade

7th Grade                                   7th Grade

8th Grade                                   8th Grade

9th Grade                                   9th Grade

10th Grade                                 10th Grade

Varsity (11-12)                          Varsity (11-12)





Teams must have proof of insurance for their team in order for their registration to be complete. Typically, most teams will have this in place already as you can’t practice anywhere these days without it.  D1 Nation will also carry a secondary $1,000,000 liability policy covering both D1 Nation and Inspire Courts.  Please note there will be NO COVERAGE for any perceived or real Corona Virus issues.  No company will currently cover this.